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Multi-Centre Holidays

Almost every holiday & honeymoon we put together has a combination of beach resorts, cities or even countries. It’s what we specialise in – multi-stop / centre, tailormade, bespoke, call it what you want, but we love putting together two, three, four, five centre holidays as it lets us show off our full range of talents and our breadth and depth of first hand knowledge comes into its own!

Practically every combination of hotels and resorts is possible – here are just some of the combinations that our clients look for.

1) The straightforward – “The City & Beach”. Obviously Bangkok is a no-brainer, but Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Muscat, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi are all easy one stop options
2) The variety option – “Beach and Jungle” – this is where Northern Thailand comes into its own. But so does Khao Sok National Park. Or Sabah, Sarawak, Sumatra – all perfectly feasible if elephants or orang utans are on your bucket list.
3) Collecting countries – “Thailand and ??” – perhaps you’d like to compare beaches in Bali & Thailand? Or realised that the easiest way of reaching Koh Lipes pristine beaches is from Langkawi, and whilst you’re there, you’d like to check out some of Malaysia’s finest beaches?
4) Culture vulture – “Temples & Thailand” – Bangkok remains the easiest way of reaching Seam Reap, so why not spend a few days seeing the temples of Angkor before hitting the islands of Thailand? Of course if you’ve seen Cambodia, then perhaps we can tempt you with Borobudur & Prambanan in Java?
5) Party & Pristine – “Party time, then time to recover” – Thailand of course is famous for its party beaches – so after you’ve burnt the midnight oil or unveiled an unexpected midlife crisis, then spend some time recovering where sunrises are best seen after a 10 hour sleep?
Leave us to organise the transfers, flights, boats, and practicalities, just tell us what you really want to do, and we’ll get planning!

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